When you become a member of the Royal Family, the public pays close attention to everything you do and wear.

Meghan Markle understands this, as did Princess Diana. Queen Camilla, who married King Charles, is another royal who married into the family.

People initially disliked Camilla because they believed she was taking Princess Diana’s place. However, the majority of Britons now accept her.

Last week, Camilla and King Charles attended the Order of the British Empire event in London. It’s a significant ceremony that recognizes those who have done outstanding work for their country.

They wore nice outfits, as usual. However, they were more interested in what Camilla was wearing underneath her crimson robe.

She was wearing a floral dress, beige heels, charm bracelets, and diamond earrings. Some individuals on the internet disliked her attire and labeled it a “house dress.”

On social media, several compared Camilla’s attire to that of Queen Elizabeth II. Some of the comments were harsh.

Some people on the internet had strong opinions on Queen Camilla’s outfit.

One commenter asked, “Why is Camilla wearing a house dress under that cape?”

Another person wondered, “Does Camilla just throw a robe over her house dress?”

Someone another said, “The differences couldn’t be more stark, and the standards couldn’t be farther apart.”

Another individual from the United States believed Queen Elizabeth usually looked stately in traditional attire, while Charles and Camilla appeared sloppy.

Another reviewer commented, “These traditional events are bad enough, but wearing those old costumes is insane.” Why can’t they wear more current versions? They seem insane in their outfits. Diana would’ve updated it.”

Queen Camilla has recently taken on extra responsibility as her husband, King Charles, and Kate Middleton have been diagnosed with cancer.

Charles and Kate have had to take a break from their royal duties to focus on treatment. Other members of the Royal Family have had to step in and help. Prince William has been balancing his obligations and spending time with his bride. This means Camilla has been under additional strain.

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