Country music legend Alan Jackson shares major life update – ‘blessings overflowing’

Alan Jackson is preparing for his farewell tour, and the country music icon recently discussed the reasons for his decision to retire.

One major aspect is his desire to spend more time with his family. This news follows a pleasant announcement: Jackson received a baby grandson last week.

Jackson announced in February that he was expecting another grandchild, and the much-anticipated newborn, a grandson named Wesley Alan Smith, has finally arrived.

“One week ago my life was forever changed,” Jackson’s daughter, Mattie Jackson,

“Wesley Alan Smith joined our little family on June 20th, the absolute best birthday gift I could have ever imagined,” she continued. “There is no greater honor in life than being chosen by God to be your mom. And no sweeter joy than watching your daddy adore you and protect you already. Even Ryman has reluctantly warmed up to her new little brother.”

“You have all my heart and my prayers, baby boy,” she said later. “If you’re anything like both your namesakes (Connor’s grandad and @officialalanjackson), you’ve got quite a life ahead of you (prayer emojis).”

Jackson has shared his excitement about the growing family on X, the previous Twitter.

“Blessings overflowing in our growing family!” he wrote. “Denise and I are thrilled for our second grandson to arrive in June! We’re so happy for proud parents Mattie and Connor Smith and can’t wait to meet the next addition to our family.”

Jackson said earlier this month that he would retire following his forthcoming tour. The 65-year-old pondered on his lengthy career and the life changes that have brought him to this point.

“I’ve been touring for over 30 years, you know, played everywhere in the country and parts of the world,” Jackson said in a video uploaded on X. “I have had a good career and am now in my twilight years; both of my daughters are grown, and I have one grandson and one on the way. I enjoy spending more time at home and don’t want to be away as much as I used to, therefore I don’t tour as much as I did ten years ago. But I believe it is time to consider retiring full-time.”

The tour, dubbed “Last Call: One More for the Road,” will begin on August 2 and will comprise ten events until May 17, 2025.

In 2021, Jackson stated that he has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a chronic neuropathy disorder that impairs balance and mobility. He discussed this in the video, explaining how it influenced his choice to retire.

“Most of my fans know I have a degenerative health condition that affects my legs and arms and my mobility that I got from my daddy and it’s getting worse,” he said. “So, it makes me more uncomfortable on stage, and I just have a hard time, and I just want to think about maybe calling it quits before I’m unable to do the job like I want to.”

With his farewell tour on the horizon and a new grandson to cherish, Alan Jackson is ready to embrace a new chapter in his life, focusing on family and health.

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