Dress Shop Assistant Humiliated My Grandma, So I Taught Her a Lesson She’ll Never Forget

My sweet grandma went to a high-end boutique to find a dress for my wedding. What happened next left me fuming.

When Gran walked in, the assistant sneered, “Can I help you?” Gran, always polite, said, “Yes, I’m looking for a dress for my granddaughter’s wedding.” The assistant smirked, “For you? Our dresses are for more modern figures.”

Gran found a lovely dress and asked for her size. The assistant laughed, “We don’t carry sizes that big. Try a plus-size store.” Gran pointed to another dress and asked, “What about this one?” The assistant sighed, “We don’t have anything for someone as old and overweight as you.”

Mortified, Gran left the shop humiliated. After coaxing, she told me everything. Livid, I contacted the shop owner, Danielle, who was appalled and hatched a plan.

Danielle sent her grandmother to the shop in shabby clothes. Nicole, the assistant, treated her rudely. Just as she was about to shoo her out, Danielle walked in and exclaimed, “Oh, Grams! Hi! Have you chosen something?” Nicole was mortified. Danielle fired her on the spot and apologized, offering a discount.

Gran and I eventually found a beautiful dress at a different store. On my wedding day, Gran looked amazing. During the reception, I toasted my Gran, saying, “Here’s to standing up for the ones we love.”

The guests applauded, and Gran blushed with happiness. It was a perfect day, made special by our journey. Kindness always wins.

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