From Small Town Dreams to Hollywood Stardom: How does the Legendary Actor Look Now?

Earl Holliman’s journey to Hollywood is a tale of determination and dreams. At just 14 years old in 1943, Holliman was determined to become a movie star.

Growing up in Oil City and Mooringsport, not Shreveport as often mentioned, he made his way to Hollywood through a series of stops.

First, he traveled to relatives in Camden, Arkansas, then took a bus to Texarkana, Texas. From there, he hitchhiked to Hollywood.

Holliman had saved some money from working as a theater usher and on the night shift at a cafe near Barksdale Air Force Base. He even had a lead on a place to stay from a serviceman he met at the cafe, which turned out to be in El Monte, California, quite far from Hollywood. Reflecting on his journey, Holliman admits it was a risky move, one that wouldn’t be advisable today.

That first attempt in Hollywood didn’t work out, leading Holliman to return home briefly before enlisting in the Navy. However, his dream of becoming a movie star never faded. He later returned to Los Angeles, where he studied at the Pasadena Playhouse and the University of California, Los Angeles.

Holliman’s persistence paid off. He built an impressive filmography, including roles in “Giant” (1956), “Forbidden Planet,” “The Rainmaker,” and “The Sons of Katie Elder.” He also became known for his television roles, notably alongside Angie Dickinson in “Police Woman” and with Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward in “The Thorn Birds.”

Holliman fondly recalls his early days in Hollywood, particularly his first morning in El Monte. He donned a short-sleeved silk shirt and dark glasses, strutting in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, wondering if people mistook him for a star. It was a moment filled with the innocent dreams of youth.

To see how Earl Holliman looks today at 95


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