Garrison Brown of Sister Wives’ Cause of Death is Known

It has been concluded that Garrison Brown, the tragically deceased son of reality TV stars Janelle and Kody Brown, committed suicide. According to the autopsy report, Garrison’s head injuries caused his death.

Alcohol poisoning was also mentioned in the study as a contributing reason to his death. His blood alcohol content was.307%, which is much higher than the legal limit of.08%.

Janelle shared the devastating news and her intense anguish on Instagram. She requested for privacy during this trying moment and referred to Garrison as a shining light in their lives. Kody shared a similar message on his Instagram page as well.

The loss of their cherished kid has left the family heartbroken, and they are in mourning. When Garrison’s brother Gabriel came upon the terrible scene, Flagstaff Police received a complaint of a death inside his residence.

The police’s Criminal Investigations Division is looking into the matter further even if foul play is not suspected.
TLC, the network that broadcasts “Sister Wives,” sent the Brown family their sympathies after learning of Garrison’s passing.

The programme centres on the polygamous lives of the Brown family, which includes Robyn, Christine, Janelle, Meri, Kody, and several other children. Kody’s relationship with several of his children is still poor, and Robyn is the only wife who is still in contact with him.

For years, Garrison and Kody struggled to get along, and Janelle worried about their sons’ mental health because they weren’t connecting with their father.

Their connection did not get better over time, and Kody acknowledged that he had not spoken to Garrison and Gabriel in a while. He was saddened by the circumstances, but he also realised that he could not talk to his sons.

The “Sister Wives” group and the Brown family are grieving over Garrison Brown’s passing. During this trying time, while they grieve and remember Garrison, the family asks for privacy.

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