How To Clean a Fan Without Taking It Apart

Fans are an essential appliance in our homes during summer. After being used throughout the summer, the fan will inevitably be covered with dust and bacteria, which not only affects the appearance and health, but also reduces the cooling effect of the fan, so the fan needs to be cleaned regularly.

In this article, I will share a trick to clean your fan without taking it apart.

What you need to prepare:

– half a basin of water
– washing powder
– fabric softener
– white vinegar
– water
– plastic bag


– Step 1: Take a solution of water + washing powder and spray it on the electric fan’s grille. Use a cleaning brush to clean the fan grille.
– Step 2: Spray the homemade solution (vinegar + fabric softener) on the blades of the electric fan to allow the water to penetrate the dust.
– Step 3: Prepare a plastic bag to place on the electric fan. Press the switch and let the fan run to suck up the dust and come off on its own.

Why these ingredients

– Washing powder has the effect of cleaning and disinfecting.
– White vinegar can not only disinfect but can also moisten and clean dirt on fans.

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