If you ever spot a bag of water hanging above your neighbor’s door, here’s what it means

I defy you to name a better time of the year than summer. Just take a moment and picture it: long barbecue evenings with loved ones, peaceful, silent reading under a tree in the shade, days on the beach with a cool dip in the sea. The list goes on and on…

Of course, no season is truly perfect, and the summer splendor always brings with it a few unfortunate aspects. One obvious drawback that comes to mind is insects; flies in particular

And yet, fret not, for your friends at Newsner are here to lend a helping hand. It turns out there’s a trick that can help you ensure that bothersome insects in and around the home become a thing of the past.

Now, I’ll be up front about the fact that I can’t take credit for the life-hack you’re about to read. I stumbled upon it by accident last year when, while at my family’s summer house, I noticed one of the neighbors had a plastic bag filled with water hanging from his front porch.

Needless to say, I was left confused enough to ask what it was, and I’m glad I did as much.

Credit / Wikimedia Commons

As it happens, there’s a simple home remedy for keeping your residence clear of flies, and all you need is a plastic freezer bag of any size, some table salt, lime juice, a few coins, and water.

Fill the freezer bag with the above listed ingredients, then hang one or more bags above your doors or where most needed.

Though you may not expect it, this strange concoction quickly becomes a fly’s worst nightmare.

Credit / YouTube

This fly repellent works best when coupled with a light source, so hang your bag close to an outdoor lamp.

As per reports, insecticides are based on different fragrances and smells that insects and flies hate. But this particular “repellent” has nothing to do with fragrance — and a lot more do with sight.

It appears that shiny coins in a water bag are a terrifying sight for flies.

The flies are at first attracted to the water-filled bag, but once they get closer, they quickly turn around and fly away.

What the insects see in the bag is an example of light refraction, something the human eye can handle. For an insect’s eyes, though, it’s a completely different story.

Check out more in the video below:

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