Kathy Griffin Did Not Expect This Reaction When She Took The Stage

Kathy Griffin used to be one of the most popular female comedians. But her career hit a wall after she shared the bloody photoshoot she did depicting the decapitated head of former President Donald Trump. Griffin lost her place on the New Year’s Eve show for CNN and was otherwise replaced for all media appearances. Nevertheless, Griffin continued to persevere despite the fallout from the public and appeared in front of an audience in Dublin, Ireland, where she received a rather shocking response.

During her appearance in Dublin, Ireland, a few years ago, Griffin was greeted by jeers and taunts from the audience, along with a flood of booing from the crowd. The crowd was not happy with Griffin after the photoshoot with the bloody severed head of the former United States president, who was the forty-fifth person to hold the highest office in the world.

After Griffin was booed by the Irish audience, she fainted. Although the liberal comedian claimed that she only fainted because she had been on stage for two hours straight, some people thought that she fainted in response to the negative reaction she received upon showing up to perform. Griffin denied all allegations that her fainting spell had anything to do with the crowd’s negative reaction to her when she got on stage.

Griffin was booed in Dublin, Ireland because she made the dastardly mistake of assuming that Ireland was part of the United Kingdom, which is home to four countries – Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

During the performance, Griffin claimed that it must be nice for Ireland “being in the United Kingdom,” which drew a lot of boos from the crowd. Ireland is staunchly anti-United Kingdom and does not want to be looped into the country that is actually a mix of four countries.

Irish Central published: “(Griffin) seemed genuinely shocked when the friendly crowd suddenly turned to her booing and catcalling. Griffin became so startled she had difficulty continuing with her routine, The New York Times reported. Most of the Irish people at the show in Vicar Street clearly believed Griffin, an Irish American, should have known better.”

The Irish publication, Irish Central, added that “She has been a frequent visitor there and visited her grandmother’s hometown of Drogheda in Co. Louth in 2007 with a TV camera in tow. Her Irish escapades were filmed for her Bravo series My Life on the D List.’ She was given a civic reception.”

If Griffin thought her status as a comedian could not sink any lower, she learned her lesson after assuming that Ireland was part of the United Kingdom.

Griffin should have known better than to joke about how Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. But she missed the mark. She is often known for making controversial statements – hence the picture of her holding the decapitated head of the former Republican president.

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