Man Claiming To Be King Charles And Camilla’s Son Shares ‘New Evidence’ He Is Their Secret Love Child

A man claiming to be King Charles”secret son’ has released ‘new evidence’ to prove his royal heritage.

King Charles, 75, is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

He became King of the United Kingdom following the passing of his mother in 2022 and he’s the oldest person to have ascended the British throne.

Before becoming monarch, King Charles married Princess Diana from 1981 to 1996, and they had two sons: Prince William, 41, and Prince Harry, 39.

The 75-year-old has been married to Camilla Parker Bowles since 2005. They have never had any children.

However, one man claims he is the royal couple’s secret love child, and he is attempting to prove it.

Credit: Simon Charles Dorante-Day via Facebook

British-born Simon Charles Dorante-Day, who now lives in Australia, has gone viral with his surprising claims – he’s convinced he’s the illegitimate son of King Charles and Queen Camilla.

The 57-year-old even has a Facebook page dedicated to the matter – it has over 27,000 followers.

Many of Dorante-Day’s followers are convinced by his claims, with one fan writing: “You look so like both of them, I hope you get answers soon.”

Credit: Alamy

Another adds: “Definitely so much resemblance to the King and Queen. The other day I saw some recent photos/footage of Prince William and the resemblance to you is incredible.”

A third person comments: “You are a good mix of both your parents. It’s hard to deny what everyone can see. As always, I hope one day you get your answers.”

Dorante-Day earlier claimed that on her deathbed, his adopted grandmother, who supposedly worked for the late Queen Elizabeth II, informed him that he was the royal couple’s son, according to MailOnline.

He was adopted when he was about eight months old in Portsmouth in 1966; King Charles and Queen Camilla would have been 17 and 18, respectively, at the time of his birth.

Dorante-Day claims that in the months running up to his birth, King Charles was sent to Australia to study, while Queen Camilla disappeared from public view for approximately nine months.

Credit: Simon Charles Dorante-Day via Facebook

The father also alleges that during his childhood, he underwent a procedure to change his eye colour and his teeth were also altered in a ‘cover-up’.

However, Dorante-Day’s claims contradict official records which state the King and Queen Camilla met each other five years after the 57-year-old’s birth.

The royal family has remained completely silent about Dorante-Day’s allegations.

Dorante-Day expanded on her charges in an interview with 7News.

He claims that a woman with an American accent contacted him and his wife at their Queensland house early on December 2, 2023.

The 57-year-old says they opened the door to see the elder woman and a man claiming to be a private investigator.

Credit: Simon Charles Dorante-Day via Facebook

“This woman claimed that she was the secret illegitimate daughter of Prince Philip who lived in San Francisco,” Dorante-Day claims.

“She explained that she had travelled from the US after hiring an investigator to track me down in Queensland. The whole purpose of her visit was to ask me for a sample of my DNA.

“She wanted to compare it to hers to basically prove that we were both related to the royal family.”

But Dorante-Day concluded it was a scam, adding ‘the whole thing just seemed really fishy’. He was also concerned it was an ‘illegal attempt to procure my DNA’.

Credit: Alamy

Dorante-Day is resolved to obtain a paternity test from King Charles and Queen Camilla – but in the proper manner.

He claims he’s ‘sure’ that his case will come together and is’ready to show it’. In fact, he has a unique idea to match his DNA to Prince Harry’s.

Dorante-Day tells 7News that he and his wife were persuaded by a ‘reliable source’ that the Duke of Sussex could be instrumental in helping them acquire evidence.

His wife explains: “We got advice from a really good, really trusted source that we should approach Harry and make a connection there and ask for DNA.”

Dorante-Day weighs in, adding: “So I’m going to make contact with him and explore this as an opportunity.

“At the end of the day, I feel like he just might be as keen as I am to expose what Charles and Camilla and the powers that be have done to me. The injustice.”

In the meanwhile, the 57-year-old has gone to his prominent Facebook page to offer photographs he says are convincing enough to back up his claims.

Dorante-Day’s most recent post to the account, on May 1, reads: “One advantage of them becoming King and Queen is that we have a lot more photographs to compare with, from many different viewpoints. The more I observe, the more they resemble thee.

“We haven’t done one in a long time, despite the fact that I’ve received numerous requests!

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