Man Goes on Date with Female Secretary not Knowing His Wife Is Sitting Behind Them

Sandra suspects her husband, Mark, of infidelity when she sees him with a young woman. While dining with her friend Janet at an upscale Mexican restaurant, Sandra notices Mark being affectionate with the woman. Heartbroken, she decides to gather evidence.

The next day, Sandra visits Mark’s office with lunch and meets Eliza, the woman from the restaurant, introduced as his secretary. Mark seems nervous, and Sandra leaves feeling unsettled. Later, Janet shows Sandra a receipt for custom-made earrings that Eliza had claimed were a gift from her father. This fuels Sandra’s suspicions.

That evening, Sandra crashes Mark’s launch event, determined to confront him. During his presentation, Sandra throws a champagne flute at Mark and accuses him of having an affair. Amidst the chaos, Mark reveals that Eliza is actually his daughter from a college relationship, a fact he recently discovered and kept secret out of fear of hurting Sandra.

Realizing the truth, Sandra comforts Eliza, who tearfully explains she only wanted to know her father. Sandra assures Eliza that everything will be okay, hoping to mend their fractured lives.

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