McDonald’s Customers Outraged After Discovering The Truth About How The Fries Are Cooked

A viral sensation on TikTok, renowned for his knack for uncovering “fast food secrets,” has once again sent shockwaves through social media with his latest revelation about McDonald’s famed “World Famous Fries.”

Jordan Howlett, a self-employed social media strategist hailing from San Diego, dropped a bombshell in a recent TikTok video, shedding light on why McDonald’s fries stand out from the rest.

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In his widely viewed video, Howlett disclosed that McDonald’s fries owe their distinctive flavor to the inclusion of beef flavoring mixed into the vegetable oil used for frying—a revelation that has left many viewers astonished.

Concerns were raised among vegetarians, as Howlett pointed out that the beef flavoring might not sit well with those adhering to a meat-free diet.

Fox News Digital reached out to McDonald’s USA for their response to Howlett’s claims.

While McDonald’s USA has long acknowledged the use of beef flavoring in its fries, the revelation may come as a surprise to many consumers.

Photo Credit: jordan_the_stallion8/Tiktok

Marketing materials from McDonald’s USA have confirmed that beef flavoring is indeed added to enhance the taste of their fries, a fact reiterated by Howlett in his video.

Notably, Howlett also highlighted that McDonald’s branches in Canada, the U.K., and Australia refrain from using beef flavoring in their fries, offering a viable option for vegetarian customers.

However, McDonald’s international outlets caution customers about potential allergens and cross-contamination risks, urging those with dietary restrictions to exercise caution.

Photo Credit: jordan_the_stallion8/Tiktok

Howlett’s eye-opening TikTok video has garnered over 10.2 million views, along with millions of likes, shares, and comments from intrigued viewers.

The video sparked discussions among viewers, with many expressing surprise at the revelation, especially vegetarians who may find the news concerning.

Interestingly, Howlett’s influence extends beyond TikTok, as he boasts a massive following of 9.1 million on his @Jordan_The_Stallion8 TikTok account.

In previous videos, Howlett has delved into the world of fast food trivia, claiming to have founded a group called the “Fast Food Secrets Club” during his college days, where he and his friends shared lesser-known facts about fast food.

Photo Credit: jordan_the_stallion8/Tiktok

In an exclusive statement to Fox News Digital, Howlett expressed his passion for sharing fast food secrets, emphasizing the excitement it brings to his audience and the opportunity to encourage exploration beyond culinary norms.

As Howlett continues to peel back the layers of fast food mysteries, his content serves as a catalyst for curiosity and discovery, inspiring viewers to delve deeper into the world of fast food and beyond.

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