MLB Baseball Player’s 3-Word T-Shirt Message Sparks Outrage

Manny Machado is no stranger to controversy, and the San Diego Padres third baseman has been called out repeatedly by his fellow MLB stars, both publicly and privately.

This week, he sparked outrage after showing up to Padres Spring Training in a shirt reading, “Let’s Go Brandon.” The phrase is a well-known insult to President Joe Biden.

When pictures of Machado’s outfit popped up online, netizens were quick with the comments.

“Love to see it,” one person wrote.

A second commented: “Shut up and hit the baseball! Remember no politics in sports, THEY say!”

“Nice Shirt! Lol at the snowflakes melting down over this,” a third wrote.

“What happened to keeping politics out of sports?” someone else commented.

Another comment read: “Even Machado knows what’s up! #LetsGoBrandon #slamdiego.”

“Let’s keep politics out of sports…Where is the outrage on Fox News Where is the shut up and K,” someone else wrote.

While many have complained about politics in sports, the combination is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Sources: Game 7

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