My Boyfriend Insists I Sleep on the Floor and Leave Our Bed to Him

A 24-year-old woman seeks advice as she struggles with sacrificing her sleep for her boyfriend’s rest. Though she felt a little discomfort, she faces criticism for wanting to stay in her own bedroom.

The woman took to Reddit seeking advice.

A 24-year-old woman found herself in a dilemma with her boyfriend, 35, who “works overnight and comes home at 4 am.

He wants me to sleep in the living room, because ’my movements wake him up.’” Every morning between 4 am and 6 am, when he’s off work, she is asked to leave the room so he can get some rest. She wondered whether she was selfish for not wanting to leave the bedroom when he comes in from work.

According to him, she’s being selfish whenever she doesn’t leave the room. He complains that her presence makes the room extremely hot. “Our couch isn’t big enough to lay on (it’s technically a love seat) and the floor is way too hard on my body,” the woman shared.

For her, however, sleeping in the living room for a few more hours is uncomfortable.

She dislikes it because it’s much brighter than their bedroom, which has blackout curtains. Although they own an air mattress she could sleep on, they also have a cat that would likely damage it. They even discussed buying a couch, but “he didn’t want the couch because, according to him, I’m the one who wants it.”

Feeling it’s unfair when she constantly has to sacrifice her sleep for only 5–6 hours so he can have a peaceful eight hours, she wonders if she’s wrong in this situation.

She seeks advice on how to handle it.

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