My husband banned me from entering one room in our house, and I could not stop crying when I saw what was there.

Alexis’ parents’ bakery was losing customers due to their inability to adapt to new trends. Amidst the declining business, they planned Alexis’ wedding to Robert, a wealthy but emotionally distant man. Their lavish wedding was meticulously organized by a planner, yet Alexis and Robert felt like strangers.

A few days before the wedding, Robert admitted, “I’m looking forward to being married. But I’m not sure what I’m doing.” This was the closest he came to expressing his feelings.

After the wedding, the couple moved into Robert’s mansion. “This house belongs to you too,” he told Alexis. However, he imposed one rule: she must never enter the attic. Despite promising to comply, Alexis’ curiosity got the better of her when Robert left for a meeting.

In the attic, Alexis discovered a treasure trove of Robert’s past: toys, postcards, photographs, and letters between a child and his soldier father. Overwhelmed with emotions, she was found by an upset Robert. “How dare you enter this place?” he demanded.

“I just want to know you, Robert,” she pleaded.

Seeing her sincerity, Robert calmed down and shared his story. He revealed his father was a stern soldier who believed in hiding emotions. The attic’s items were his only connections to a time when he felt loved.

This confession marked a turning point. Robert opened up, and their relationship deepened. Years later, the attic was transformed into a reading nook, symbolizing Robert’s release from his painful memories, now replaced by the laughter of their daughter, April.

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