My Husband Refuses to Let My Mom Live With Us Unless She Pays Us Rent

Dad recently passed away, and mom feels very sad and lonely. To ease her pain, I suggested that she lives with us to be with her grandkids.

My husband refused at first but then agreed on the condition that she pays us rent. I was furious, as we own the house and pay no rent.

He smirked and declared, “Your mother is a leech. Once she moves in with us, she will never leave.”

He added, “She will eat our food, use our electricity, and it just doesn’t make sense for her to take advantage of it all for free. She needs to know that this house is not a hotel!”

I was furious. Him and I have both have contributed to buying this house, and we have equal rights to it. I cannot just ask my mom to pay us money; that’s senseless.

That said, I have to admit that my husband is not a bad person. Him and mom just never got along. The other night he said to me, “Your mother hated me ever since I met her. I wouldn’t be comfortable with her living with me now.”

I am torn between my husband and my mom who clearly needs her only daughter’s help now. What should I do?

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