My Son Divorced His Stay-at-Home Wife, Because She Became Lazy — I Taught Him a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

Welcoming a baby to the family is a happy time, full of excitement and anticipation. But having a child also changes the relationship between parents in significant ways. It’s more than just about taking care of the baby, it’s about seeing how strong the bond between partners really is.

The couple have been together for 10 years.

Camila sent a heartfelt letter to us to open up about her story and ask for the advice. She wrote:

“Hi! I’ve always liked your platform because it’s a place where people can share their thoughts openly. I’ve been part of discussions on your page before, giving advice and sharing my views on different stories. Now, I need some opinions from your audience about a situation with my son.”

Starting her story, the woman said, “My son, Michael, always had a determined streak. As a child, he showed ambition and drive in everything he did, from academics to sports. It was a trait I admired, and one that I encouraged. However, as he grew older, his determination sometimes turned into a harshness that worried me.

Michael married Lisa in college. She was just as ambitious and intelligent, so they quickly bonded over their shared interests and similar personalities. After graduating, they both built successful careers and had a generally smooth relationship.”

Her son’s behavior drastically changed after the birth of the child.

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“But everything changed six months ago after their child was born. The birth was tough, so Lisa decided to quit her job and not return after maternity leave. She wanted to recover and spend more time with the baby.”

“Michael began to criticize Lisa for small things. The house wasn’t clean enough. Dinner wasn’t ready on time. He’d come home and find her taking a nap or watching TV, and it infuriated him. He didn’t see the sleepless nights, the constant attention the baby required, or the endless chores she managed during the day. He only saw what he perceived as laziness.

My son stopped helping with household chores, arguing that if Lisa wasn’t working, she had enough time to handle everything on her own, and he’s too tired from work to do anything else around the house. When the tension between them reached its peak, they decided to get divorced.”

“After the separation, Michael came to live with me. I felt really sad watching everything happen. I always tried to teach Michael about respect and empathy, but somehow he seemed to have forgotten those values. That’s when I knew it was time for a lesson he wouldn’t forget.”

She taught him a lesson he will never forget.

She continued: “I decided to surprise my DIL with a gift and sent her on a short vacation for a week, promising to take care of my granddaughter while she was away.

During dinner, I told my son that Lisa was going away for a week and handed him a piece of paper with a list of tasks. It was a schedule of everything Lisa used to do in a single day: wake up at 6 AM, prepare breakfast, get the baby ready, clean the house, grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, and countless other tasks. Michael looked at the list, his expression slowly changing from confusion to realization.”

“‘I want you to take care of the baby and manage the house for one week, just like Lisa did,’ I said calmly. ‘No help from the nanny or the housekeeper. I’ll take care of my grandchild if it becomes too much, but you need to understand what she did every day.’”

In just a few days, the house turned into a disaster.

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Camila continues her story, “Reluctantly, Michael agreed. The first day was a disaster. He overslept, struggled to get the baby ready, burned breakfast, and by noon, the house was a mess. By the third day, he was exhausted. He couldn’t keep up with the baby, the endless laundry, and the constant demands of the household.”

“At the end of the week, Michael was a changed man. He sat down with me, tears in his eyes. ‘Mom, I had no idea,’ he admitted. ‘I thought she was being lazy, but she was working harder than I ever realized. I took her for granted, and now I’ve lost her.’

I hugged my son, feeling a mixture of pride and sadness. ‘It’s not too late to make things right, Michael. You need to apologize and show her you understand. Show her that you’ve changed.’”

This story has a happy ending.

Concluding her letter, Camila writes, “Michael took my advice to heart. He reached out to Lisa, expressing his deepest apologies and acknowledging his mistakes. It wasn’t easy, and it took time, but eventually, Lisa saw the sincerity in his efforts. They decided to try working on their relationship for the sake of their daughter.”

“Michael had learned a lesson he would never forget. At least, I hope so. What would you do if you were in my place? Or maybe some of your audience has faced a similar situation and could give advice to help save their relationship?”

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