Newlywed couple sends $240 bill to guests who did not show up for their wedding.

Weddings are not for the faint at heart. The event can generate a sizable bill. It appears that this pair was not going to let the issue of no-shows go.

A newlywed couple was angry with the people who did not show up for their wedding despite RSVPing yes.

The couple decided not to let it go and sent a $240 bill to all who had incorrectly RSVP’d to the event.

Someone shared the invoice on X (previously known as Twitter). The user thweddat posted a picture of the invoice and commented, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding reception invoice before lol.”

The receipt’s due date seemed to be August 18, one month after it was given to the recipient. The wedding was hosted at the Royalton Negril Resort & Spa in Jamaica and appeared to cost $120 per person.

While some people suspected the invoice was forged, the bride and groom stepped forward. Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee sent an invoice from Chicago.

The couple spoke with the media about what had happened, and the groom stated that guests not turning up after confirming their attendance would have made him “feel some kind of way.”

Doug had previously posted the bill on his Facebook. The couple noted in the invoice’s notes section, “This invoice is being sent to you because you confirmed seat(s) at the wedding reception during the Final Headcount.” It goes on to explain, “Because you did not call or give us adequate notice that you would not be in attendance, this amount is what you owe us for paying for your seat(s) in advance. You can pay using Zelle or PayPal. Please contact us and let us know what payment method works best for you. “Thank you!”

Many individuals then began to dispute whether this was a fair request.

“I wish I had thought of it. A third of those who RSVPed for our wedding did not show up. We paid for a LOT of food that went to waste (even though it cost a lot less than $120 a plate),” one customer wrote. Another person who disagreed with their decision commented, “You are so dear to us that we invited you to our wedding. However, we are going to end that connection for $240 because you did not allow us to show off to you in person. But we’ll give you an invitation to our baby shower at some point, so bring a gift or face collection.”

One Twitter user mused how they would simply send the invoice back.

The groom said that things had become “a little petty,” but added, “I am not some trifling person who is going to bill somebody.”

Simmons is a small company owner from Chicago. He wanted to make it clear that it was not the money that counted, but the contempt he and his bride felt when people failed to show up for their wedding despite promising to. They had worked hard to fund their wedding with over 100 guests.

“Four times we asked, ‘Are you available to come, can you make it?,’ and they kept saying ‘Yes,’ ” he clarified. “We had to pay in advance for Jamaica — this was a destination wedding,” he shared his frustration.

However, when they completed a final counting, they discovered that not everyone who had stated their intention to attend had really arrived. He explained how it happened: “No one told me or texted me, ‘Hey, we can’t make it.’” That was all I asked. If you told me you couldn’t make it, I’d understand—but to tell me nothing and then let me pay for you and your companions? Four persons became eight people. “I took it personally.”

The pair did not indicate what they would do if payment was not made to them. However, it appears that many of their relationships may be in peril.

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