Only 2% can find the lost pipe! You try now!

Are you up for a challenge? Here’s a task that requires your keen observation skills – an elderly gentleman needs your assistance in locating his lost pipe.

In the image below, you’ll see a senior man seated on a bench outside his home. Somewhere within this picture lies his cherished possession – his pipe! Can you find it within a minute and pass this visual test?

The elderly gentleman is dressed in a red, embellished top paired with striped brown pants, engrossed in reading a newspaper. Beside him rests a walking cane, and upon closer inspection, you’ll notice vines entwining the bench.

But where could the man’s pipe be hiding? Is it concealed within the building behind him, or is it nestled among the surrounding plants?

Take another careful look and give it your best shot before scrolling further for the solution.

Have you managed to spot the elusive pipe?

Here’s a valuable hint: the pipe is actually part of another object that belongs to the elderly gentleman!

Take a closer look at his belongings, and you might just uncover the hidden treasure.

As it turns out, what initially appears to be the top of the man’s walking cane is, in fact, his smoking pipe cleverly disguised within the cane’s design

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