Pregnant Wife Sees Best Friend’s Message on Husband’s Phone: ‘You Haven’t Told Her about Us?’

One morning, OP was up with her ill three-year-old when one of her husband’s alarms rang. He generally sets a few of them before waking up, and she took the opportunity of turning it off. When she glanced over the phone, she saw a text from her best friend that said,

“I’m assuming since there hasn’t been an angry pregnant lady on my doorstep, you haven’t told her about us yet?”

She couldn’t believe her eyes, but she needed to find out what was going on, so she snatched his phone and read their communications, only to discover that her husband had been cheating with her childhood best friend for four months. The OP resolved to tackle the matter in the best way she knew how.

Processing the dreadful infidelity.

Unlike some people who would know exactly what to do in such a case, the anonymous Reddit poster admitted that she didn’t know how to proceed. She pretended nothing had happened for a few days after finding out. She remained a supportive wife, asking about her husband’s day

OP also prevented her children from suspecting anything. What was more perplexing was that her husband and closest friend never showed displays of affection or gave her reason to believe they were having an affair.

During this emotional turmoil, the mother couldn’t get her head around losing her father and watching her family disintegrate. She postponed telling her husband so that they might at least have one tranquil day before everything fell apart.

She promised never to speak to her best friend again and was unconcerned about the reason for her treachery. “After today, I will cut her out of my life like she never mattered at all,” she decided.

Commenters overwhelmingly supported the mother of three. One Reddit member praised her for her strength, but added that they would not urge her to stay and try to work things out with her spouse.

Breaking the News to her Family

Soon after, the anonymous Reddit user updated her readers. She said that she informed her mother-in-law and her ex-best friend’s mother. She simply handed out screenshots of the discussion between her husband and ex-best friend, not attempting to explain the story.

Surprised by what they discovered, her in-laws and her ex-best friend’s family immediately took her side and apologized profusely while hugging and crying together. Her mother-in-law was upset and was ready to abandon her son. In reality, the OP said that her mother-in-law assured her that:

“That no matter what happens, I will always have her, and as far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t have a son, only a daughter.”

Despite her reservations about leaving her spouse, OP consulted a lawyer and began drafting her divorce settlement. She claimed she hired a good lawyer who was willing to battle for her. The lawyer explained that her spouse would not receive her father’s inheritance.

The OP has yet to confront her husband about everything, preferring to focus on beginning a new chapter with her children. Everyone in the comments applauded the woman’s in-laws for being supportive and on her side.

Most were in awe of how well the Reddit user handled such a painful situation. One of the commenters wrote:

“The fact that you have the unequivocal support of the families of the people who betrayed you is touching. Often families side with the betrayer if they are family and not the betrayed. Morality is one of the rare things that can trump family.”

Those following the story are breathlessly waiting for her to provide an update on how her spouse reacted to her argument. The OP returned with another shocking update regarding what happened when she spoke with her spouse.

What happened to Op’s marriage and life once her husband was confronted with his infidelity?

OP returned with an update to her story, reporting that she was tested and found to be free of all STDs and STIs. She obtained all financial documents and wills from her parents and in-laws to ensure she was covered in the event of a divorce.

The OP’s mother-in-law and her ex-best friend’s mother intervened, exhibiting the cheating couple’s slide show of texts. The Redditor’s cheating husband reacted to the screening by attacking his mistress, who cried and apologized to her parents.

OP’s husband was furious when he returned home and saw that his wife had grabbed her and the children’s belongings and walked out. He retaliated by going to look for his wife at her father’s house and ended up getting arrested for smashing the front door with a baseball bat.

The Redditor refused to settle and stay with her husband because of the incredible example set by her parents on how one can be faithful in their marriage. Besides her in-laws, OP also had the support and help from her ex-best friend’s brother, Jake.

He and OP played a video game, and he confessed to having affections for her since he was a teenager. A month later, OP mentioned that her father died one week after her previous update. She and her spouse obtained a dissolution of marriage rather than a divorce since it was quicker.

OP’s ex-husband got weekly supervised visits with his children and was in therapy and anger management. Her new baby arrived and was named after her father. OP barred her ex-husband from being in the room when she delivered and he wasn’t pleased.

She and Jake weren’t rushing into anything and he was patient about it, but also remained supportive. When Jake returned from the army under early retirement, he’d stay with OP while trying to find his own place.

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