Royal expert reveals Kate Middleton’s jeans secret – confirms what we all suspected

Kate Middleton has been among the most popular royal family members for many years.

The Princess of Wales has not only proven herself to be a royal family member of change, becoming increasingly more “one of the people,” but also, her down-to-earth sense of style has earned her legions of fans worldwide.

Kate has been a trendsetter throughout her entire time within the royal family, and it has even been given a name, “the Kate effect.” Meanwhile, even though she has been setting trends, the princess has also gone her own way, not falling for what is hot right now.

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One of those pieces of clothing sure is her jeans, with Kate often being seen wearing a skinny style. Why is that? And what is the secret behind her skinny jeans style? Let’s take a closer look at her fashionable choices. 

The secret behind Kate Middleton’s skinny jeans

Royal fashion expert Miranda Holder states that choosing to wear pink may be because Kate wants to appear kind.

“Every style decision, especially what it comes to Kate’s wardrobe, is absolutely considered and deliberate down to the color she wears,” Holder said and added that Kate wants to appear “softer and gentler.”

“[She is] just embracing this color, being fashionable at the moment and enjoying herself.”

It doesn’t matter whether she’s taking a family picture with her children and husband or going on a royal outing; Kate Middleton always makes sure to be dressed accordingly. Meanwhile, as already mentioned, she has taken a more casual approach to her clothing. But experts can also find hidden meanings in most.

When Kate Midleton revealed her cancer diagnosis on March 22, she did so while sitting in the Windsor gardens. The Princess of Wales was sporting a Scottish striped sweater, which, according to Mirror, was from Erdem and cost around $800.

But while she’s been praised for her fun and youthful look, according to journalist Sarah Oliver with the Daily Mail, she did so to show she is not only a princess but also a “school-run mum, a wife, and a homemaker.”

“Really, in choosing this everyday look, the Princess was reminding the nation that she is not just ‘ours’ but also ‘theirs’, a private woman whose priorities must lie with her husband and children, parents and siblings, until her recovery is complete,” Sarah Oliver wrote.

“On a park bench in jeans and barely there make-up, her long hair loose, she was underlining the fact that cancer is no respecter of her life of privilege. And she was asking us for the understanding she needs to fight it in privacy.”

“Comfortable and chic”

Oliver concluded, “Sometimes, she is not a princess, but a school-run mum, a wife and a homemaker. That’s the message Kate was sending when she revealed her cancer diagnosis in a low-key Breton-striped sweater. It’s a personal favourite of the Princess of Wales who has reached for its jaunty nautical stripes on several earlier – and happier – occasions.”

Kate Middleton has already mastered how to wear her shirts and outfits best; the same appears true of her jeans.

The Princess of Wales has stayed faithful to her skinny jeans throughout her royal life. One expert, jeans maker Donna Ida, says Kate has a “timeless, beautiful style.”

Kate shows that skinny jeans, even though they might not be the hottest trend, can look amazing and still be trendy.

“She has great legs, and skinny jeans fit so well and accentuate her shape. It’s always great to celebrate amazing features,” Donna Ida told the Daily Mail.

“She is a woman who’s on the go and is so busy. The skinny jean, a quick and easy style to run around in, is perfect. Skinny jeans are comfortable and chic, and they look and feel great.”

Fashion trends always come and go, which usually means many people decide to follow them. The same goes for the royal family, but in the case of skinny jeans, Kate Middleton won’t abandon her favorite style.

Samir Hussein

As of the latest, it’s been very trendy with more baggy jeans, but even though one might not expect Kate to follow it, wearing more wide-legged cuts than skinny jeans could have been a possibility, right?

Well, the Princess of Wales has decided to stay faithful to her skinny jeans, and one royal expert suggests she might be early on the next trend.

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