The school took action after seeing what the lunch lady did to the bananas

If you are a parent or guardian, you are surely aware that the words you say to your children have a big impact on them. If you support them and give them a cause to work for their future, they will grow up to be determined people who can overcome hurdles. If you criticize them and make them feel small, they may expect to be defeated and may be hesitant to take risks.

Words have incredible power, and Stacey Truman, a mother and staff at Kingston Primary School in Virginia, knows this well. Stacey has been working in the school cafeteria for nine years, and she has seen youngsters grow into teens and begin their lives in the real world.

As a mother and an employee, Stacey can’t help but feel a maternal instinct when the kids arrive at the cafeteria for lunch. She wants to do something meaningful for them, something that will inspire and help them see things from a new perspective. Stacey developed the idea of “Talking Bananas” after being inspired by a practice she used with her children.

Every day, Stacey packed her children’s lunches with a message to inspire and motivate them. She understood that these simple words had the potential to shift their perspective and make their lives a little simpler. With this in mind, she began writing positive phrases on bananas in the school cafeteria to provide children with inspiration during their lunches.

Stacey’s gesture of kindness immediately gained traction. The school administration and parents were aware of what she was doing. One day, the principal went to the lunchroom and picked up a banana, which had the message “Be your best self” inscribed on it. She quickly grabbed a photo and posted it on Twitter, along with the wonderful narrative. The message went viral, with mothers throughout the country praising Stacey for her wonderful act.

The pupils were delighted with their “talking bananas.” They couldn’t wait till lunch break to rush to the cafeteria and find out what message awaited them. Stacey continues to send good messages to the youngsters, aiming to motivate them to do great things and live their lives without negativity.

Children’s futures are heavily influenced by the words they hear as they grow. They need someone to tell them that they can make the world a better place. They must learn the value of determination, especially in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It is critical for children to understand how to choose priorities in life and that there are kind individuals out there.

As parents and caregivers, it is critical to protect our children from negativity and criticism. Instead, let us breathe life into them and inspire them to be the finest versions of themselves.

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