They noticed him digging huge holes and filling soil sacks in the backyard

In 2020, Alex Dodman from Essex, UK, embarked on a challenging endeavor – constructing a swimming pool in his backyard. He and his partner, Sarah, decided to take on the project themselves to save money.

Alex sourced materials on Facebook, handled excavation with a rented digger, and even tackled tasks like tiling and plumbing. This DIY approach reduced the renovation cost to just $10,000, a fraction of hiring professionals.

Alex’s dedication paid off, providing his family with a private oasis. His penchant for DIY projects didn’t stop there. After moving in with Sarah and their two children, he took on an even more ambitious task: completely rebuilding their family house. Previously, he saved £75,000 by building a home theater and gym.

Inspired by a YouTube video of a woman building a pool in Holland, Alex learned the intricacies of the project. Despite encountering unexpected challenges, he persevered. He said, “I did every last part of it all by himself.” Today, he enjoys his beautiful backyard sanctuary.

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