This ‘Unchained Melody’ is unlike anything I have experienced in over 50 years

This utterly captivating Native American cover of the Righteous Brothers’ ‘Unchained Melody’ is off the hook, one could say.

The Righteous Brothers’ song ‘Unchained Melody’ has a sentimental meaning for many people because it is popular and has been around for a long time.

Every time we hear such a song, we are reminded of something special to us. The occasion can be improved by hearing a good cover of the song.

These two brothers, who make up the musical group Inka Gold, have added a delightful new dimension to this old favorite. It’s done in such a way that it’s almost impossible not to enjoy it.

This cover is lighter and more airy than the original version of the song. Barer. Nonetheless, it conveys a sense of richness and depth.

If the brothers’ language barrier catches you off guard, you’ve just witnessed the unifying power of music. Music is the one truly universal language.

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