What is That Little Hole At The Bottom of a Padlock For?

A padlock is a common item that serves a major purpose. People use them for their bikes, outdoor sheds, toolboxes, and gates. They’re designed to withstand the elements and attempts to damage or cut them. However, they have a secret feature, a small hole on the bottom, that also serves a major purpose.

Serving an Important Function

Using a padlock is one sure way to keep your belongings safe from being stolen. They’re a small but impactful tool, made of metal. As a result, padlocks are susceptible to rusting from water damage and extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, they’re designed with a tiny mystery hole on the bottom, that allows water to escape. This prevents the padlock from rusting, prolonging its life and use.

Alternative to the Padlock Hole

While the padlock’s tiny hole feature was once revolutionary, weatherproof padlocks are also on the market. This design ensures a padlock will continuously ensure your belongings are safe all year round.

Another Reason for the Padlock Design

In addition to safety from rusting, the tiny hole on the bottom of a padlock fulfills another important role. Sometimes, the padlock may become stuck or unable to open, even with a key or correct code. As such, the hole can be lubricated synthetically to help the padlock pop open.

Other Everyday Things With ‘Hidden Features’

Padlocks aren’t the only thing that has been designed with secret or hidden features. Here are a few other handy items that serve multiple purposes.

Screwdrivers as Wrenches

Knowing how to work on cars is a helpful skill, especially with the rising number of vehicles on the road. Yet most mechanics agree that working on cars can be tough because of the small space and crevices that must be maintained. Fortunately, most screwdrivers can be slid into a wrench to help reach those small spaces.

Color Swatch on Clothes

Clothing once came with a color swatch. While some still do, depending on their quality and materials, few people know why. There are a few reasons. First, these swatches make it easy to color-match fabrics or threads when clothing becomes ripped or damaged. Moreover, these color swatches can be used to test how certain products, like laundry soap, will impact the item’s color. Essentially, those little swatches are a tester piece of fabric that matches the outfit, so the buyer will know how to properly care for their clothing.

Brass Padlocks and Doorknobs

Brass is known to be anti-bacterial so it’s a popular metal for doorknobs, stair railings, padlocks, or other things people touch regularly.

Gas Indicator

It’s common for people to forget what side of their car the gas tank is on. Luckily, car manufacturers have accounted for that, adding an indicator as a reminder. Typically, the indicator is triangular, found near your gas gauge, and points to the correct side.

A Logo Has 2 Roles

The Heinz 57 label is on numerous sauces ranging from ketchup to steak sauce, but it’s not only a decorative way to highlight the logo. Interestingly, it also serves as a reference point for knowing where to tap the bottle, ensuring the sauce flows easily.

Padlocks and the other things listed above are only a few examples of the many wonderful things invented and designed to make life easier and more convenient.

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