Wife discovers husband’s double life and uncovers a dark secret

Denise wasn’t at ease during the last couple of months because she suspected her husband, Mitch, was unfaithful. In the pursuit of the truth, she realized that the reality was much more worse than she could ever assume.

During a night out with their friends, Denise could witness her husband bragging to their friends about the cars he had been working on, mentioning Mustangs and a vintage Chevy. She was skeptical of his claims having in mind their financial difficulties with their auto repair shop, which was on her name due to his bad credit history, but she didn’t say a single word, letting him have his moment while his friends were in awe.

After some time, Mitch went to the bar to refresh their drinks and Denise noticed that a good-looking blonde woman handed him a piece of paper. Denise snitched the note from her husband’s hand and read it out loud. It said, “Thanks for last night?”

At that moment, Mitch said it was just a prank his friends pulled on him, and his friend Tom agreed, but it was obvious it wasn’t a prank and Tom was unwillingly forced to lie. However, as she didn’t want to made a big deal out of it in front of their friends, she decided to let it go.

A few minutes passed by, and Denise received a video on her phone from Mitch and the lady who handed him the paper. Eager to learn what was going on, Denise approached the woman but she left the place and entered her car before Denise could reach her.

Luckily, the lap top contained all of his passwords. At that moment, Denise discovered something far more alarming than an affair. Photographs, car parts invoices, and car registration papers with matching VINs were visible in his files. Her husband was obviously involved in criminal activities and all those transactions were illegal.

The following day, she decided to pay Mitch a visit at the shop. It was Carlos, the worker, who greeted her and told her Mitch was at the back of the shop.

She headed there and that’s when she saw her husband arguing with a man she had never seen before.

Denise decided to record the row, and what she heard chilled her blood.

“I can’t use parts that are already broken. Come on, at least give me something I can work with,” Mitch argued with desperation in his voice.

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