Paul McCartney’s only son James makes rare appearance with father – his looks are highly criticized by fans

James McCartney, son of the legendary Paul McCartney, has mostly shunned the celebrity lifestyle, choosing a quieter path. However, recent public appearances with his father have sparked harsh comparisons. Fans noted James’s resemblance to his father, particularly if Paul were “overweight and didn’t look after himself.” Such comments could push James back into seclusion.

James, the only son of Paul and Linda McCartney, initially avoided the spotlight, working as a waiter before emerging as a musician in the 2000s. His stepsister Heather lives a low-profile life as a potter, while his sisters Stella and Mary pursued fame. Touring with his parents’ band, Wings, deeply influenced James’s musical journey.

“It’s hard to live up to The Beatles,” James told the Daily Mail. He emphasized the challenge of establishing his musical identity separate from his father’s legacy.

In the 2000s, James played backup percussion and guitar for his father’s solo albums, including “Flaming Pie” and “Driving Rain.” He also played lead guitar for his mother’s posthumous album “Wide Prairie.” After Linda’s death in 1998, James struggled with grief, turning to drugs and alcohol, which distanced him from his family. His strained relationship with Paul’s then-wife, Heather Mills, further complicated matters.

Reconnecting with his family in 2007, when Paul underwent surgery, James found solace. He praised his father’s new wife, Nancy Shevell, calling her “genuine.” James expressed a renewed desire to immerse himself in his family and music.

James released his debut single, “Available Light,” in 2010, followed by his album “Me” in 2013 and “The Blackberry Train” in 2016. Despite living a mostly private life, he once aspired to be “better than The Beatles.”

Recently, James attended the “Paul McCartney 1963-64: Eyes of the Storm” exhibition in London, facing public scrutiny for his appearance. Some fans criticized his looks, while others defended him, highlighting the double standards in body shaming.

James McCartney’s music and journey reflect his struggle to carve his path while honoring his legendary lineage.

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